Is Technology Destroying Graphic Design As An Art Form?

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Is Technology destroying Graphic Design as an art form?

I 'm a Graphic Designer; this isn 't a boast or an admonishment, its simple fact. I don 't believe that I could do my job without technology. This may seem like a bold assertion as I 'm not the first and certainly won 't be the last. I was born into a generation of technology, it influences nearly everything I do and also my career. What would happen If I was theoretically born 100 or even 50 years earlier? Would technology still play a big part in my career? Is this something designers have struggled with since the dawn of graphic design?

I aim to discover whether there is a disconnect between a designer and his/her work in the modern era. Is this due to technological advances and does the artisan designer now have the advantage? In a world filled with computer literate designers, has this created a new place for artisans due to it being a more niche craft? Is design today more about corporate greed than about the greater good as it was in the early 20th century? How can technology be utilised to help the masses and if people feel that it’s ruining or empowering traditionally skilled workers.

I will investigate if the proliferation of cheap home computers has actually enhanced the graphic design industry or merely diluted it. This topic in itself has me polarised, I am also of the belief that anyone with a computer can be classified as a graphic designer. I would like to investigate whether this is an issue
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