Is Technology More Detrimental Than It Is Helpful?

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The current generation lives in the era of information where technology is becoming more integrated into people’s everyday lives. As technology advances, the lives of the current generation continues to adapt in order to maximize the technology. The learning system reflects this adaptation. Turning away from traditional methods of learning, schools are beginning to budget their funds towards technology. Search engines are commonly consulted to seek answers, it 's easier to access phones than toilets (Hackley), and children are commonly seen watching television. It 's hard to imagine a world where technology doesn’t exist. Technology exists and continues to advance, but should it be used in the learning process, or is technology more detrimental than it is helpful?
Assistant Professor of Communication at Illinois State University, Caleb Carr states that, “it is the greatest truth of our age: Information is not knowledge.” The current generation lives in the age of information. What many people fail to recognize is the difference between information and knowledge. Jonathan Hey, an expert in the abstract concepts of knowledge management defines information as a resource and that knowledge is internalized by the knower. He continues to describe that information can be manipulable. Mittelstrass from the Department of Philosophy in the University of Konstanz, states that information is merely a way to communicate knowledge. Both Jonathan Hey and Jurgen Mittelstrass agree that…
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