Is Technology More Hurtful than Beneficial?

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Within the last century, electronics grew faster than ever anticipated. With computers, cell phones and computers in cell phones, many consumers cannot even use the high-tech electronics sold to them. Whether through new invention or simply by means of innovation, countries are advancing in technology everyday. As technologies advance, a natural side effect of the gains they produce can be seen in the degradation of the local surrounding environments. Ground, air and water pollution from chemical runoff can produce greater negative externalities than the benefits they provide to communities and corporations.

A significant study of economics is under the category of rationality. Ration behavior is when a decision is made when it results in the most optimal level of benefit or utility for the individual. Robbing a bank may be highly beneficial in profit, but there is a high amount of risk that can become involved. To a lesser degree, making technology and using it can work the same way. Laptops make college student work time more efficient but studies show that leaving a laptop on your lap for extended periods of times can cause severe health problems. Every rose has its thorn, so it’s important to weigh out the issues before drawing to any conclusions.

Depletion may be one of the most harmful side effects of the production industry. Resource depletion is a key aspect of…
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