Is Technology Ruining Society?

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Although society has been spoiled in many ways by technology,some may argue an apposing position. Technology comes with many conveniences, but there are also many shortcomings with it. In many ways it could actually be ruining society. The main question is when does the line become crossed between using technology as a convenience and abusing it to the point that it hinders society. The following argument will point it out.
One reason technology is a problem is that people are disconnected from family and friends now. So much attention is being spent on computers, phones, and video games that society is neglecting basic family time. Technology for parents has become a built in babysitter. At the same time children and parents both are on phones
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Texting and driving. Not only texting but simply just a quick glance to check a notification, or listening to music and looking down quickly and changing a song, all can lead to a persons life ending in a second. Texting and driving is now the leading death among teens. Studies show that atleast 3,000 teens are killed every year in texting while driving related accidents. Research by Virgnia Tech estimates that people are twenty three times more likely can be involved in an accident if using their phones while driving. It has become a dangerous distraction to drivers. Even if a person does not do these things while driving they can still fall victim to the consequences of the person coming at them head on who has decided to act irresponsibly while driving. Many states have passed laws about being on cell phones while driving, and it may help the issue somewhat, but it is still a major problem for…show more content…
There are only a few of them listed here. There are so many more technological effects that society is suffering from. Also, how much worse are the effects from technology going to be in the future as it continues to grow beyond anyones control? Like previously stated, technology has its many benefits any doubt, but it seems to be the abuse of the technology that is ruining our society. Technology is here and is only going to expand to unimaginable lengths. Is our society ready and responsible enough to handle such advances, or will the people of this world just continue to use it such ways that it completely ruins
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