Is Telemedicine Necessary For Medical Care And Health Supporting Practices?

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TELEMEDICINE -Charen Teja Penagalapati Babu

Def: It can be defined as : " Depending on patient information retrieved from pictures transmitted from another location, it is the process of providing medical care and health supporting practices."

> It includes the conditions under which telemedicine can be accepted as a form of medicine .Its implementation varies what facilities used and nature of the type of data transmitted.
>In actual its been practiced between two medical facilities without any legal problems involved.
>It majorly involves in the effective and accurate transmission of medical related data like X-ray images as well as other related information regarding pathological data (rarely), sometimes it is not even necessary to transmit images only patient condition and symptoms can be sent.

> It is fast evolving application of clinical medicine involving medical information is exchanged through interactive audiovisual media for the purpose of consulting, and can also be used to conduct examinations and remote medical procedures. >Moreover it is thought to be applied in practice for the purpose of home health caring, which is mostly useful in many cases of emergency but proper guidance and motivation needed among people in order to establish successful operable system for
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