Is Television Making Your Child Smart Enough?

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Is television making your child smart enough to read this research paper? Is Sesame Street teaching Little Tommy how to spell “dog”? When you watch a children 's television program you understand most of the content and lessons. Good for you. It’s made for children and you’re an adult. However, are the children able to grasp these lessons and is it affecting their social behaviors? The history of children 's programming shows an increase in quality programming and new content for children is constantly being made with networks like Nickelodeon announcing more than 650 episodes of new and returning series in 2016/2017. You can take a child outside, throw a stick, and yell “fetch,” however the average amount of television a child consumes is increasing and affecting the amount of reading time and outdoor time a child gets. However, the time they spend indoors watching television might actually be improving their education. Although a lot of research shows that television can have a negative effect on a child 's psychological development, if regulated and selective it can positively influence a child’s academic skills, the perception of the world, and overall knowledge.
One could argue that children are placed in front of a television or handed an iPhone because it occupies their attention for a few moments, however, I was raised in a household where this was not the case. My mother works in the industry of creating children 's programming, so as a child I was exposed to a lot…
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