Is Television News Still A Good Way?

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Is television news still a good way to obtain solid information? When it comes to television news, most people would agree that they believe they are receiving good, reliable information. However, the media that the public sees and hears today is a lot different from what was reported about eighty years ago, a time when Edward Murrow was covering World War II through the radio and sharing unbiased news around the country. His honest reporting allowed him to gain the trust of the audience and helped shape a path on how news should be reported. Nearly eighty years after Edward Murrow’s unbiased reports, an analysis using “The Elements of Journalism” was applied on K-ABC 11 o 'clock late night news. After three nights of thoroughly studying K-ABC news, the data that was collected is far from what people may actually realize. Even though viewers may feel that by watching a well-known network, like K-ABC, for their daily news is legitimate and truthful, the elements that Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel share in “The Elements of Journalism” are almost completely absent. There is a filter amongst each television network that is shielding the public from need to know news; during the three nights there was about five minutes of news coverage that is considered need to know information. The remainder twenty-five to thirty minutes of the program was then divided into other subcategories: an average of five minutes on sport news, an average of eleven and a half minutes dedicated to
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