Is The Affordable Health Care Act?

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Government has convey the constitution articles regarding guidelines in the bases of the rights of its citizens and law process. Back in the heyday the articles of constitution were laid as the foundation of government restrictions and power distribution. The restriction partied the way of separation between government and citizens. There are 7 articles in place to this day and are in still used to this day. The articles on hand, disturbed power among several branches of government. These articles give no one branch more power than the other. The check and balances are place in order to keep a branch from overindulge too much power over the other. The placement is in place to keep the government from overpowering governmental duties. The articles serves as a backbone for its citizens and are place for the protection of the citizens of the United States. The articles serves to not give on one single branch of government more power than the other, even the president himself. The issue I will be discuss on hand, is the affordable health care act. Which is also known to many, Obama Care. Too many and including myself believe Obamacare infringes the rights of it citizens and bypass the articles Legislative sector, which were violated in the process making. Well the Affordable care Act was sign in 2010 by yours truly Obama (he sucks), but went into effect in the year 2014. Obama care was create on the bases of providing subsidies to lower and middle class Americans. The problem

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