Is The American Dream Just A Myth? Essay

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Ssc caArmin Moridi
Professor Lacher
English 101
17 November 2016
Is the American Dream Just a Myth?
Over the years this belief has changed its meaning to describe the United States as a land of equal opportunities. Through the American Dream, all men are equal to pursue their dreams and opportunities through hard work by being presented with an equal opportunity. This belief, therefore, means that if Americans work hard to achieve what they want, then they can get it. However, in the past few decades, the American Dream has grown to become a myth since American citizens are not presented with equal opportunities in this regard. In the documentary ‘requiem for the American dream, '-by Noam Chomsky, the narrator presents reasons why the American Dream is far from being attained, by describing ten principles why the American dream has not been attained so far. I am in complete agreement with Chomsky that the American dream has not been achieved. Noam presents issues that each citizen should think about critically. Wealth and power in the United States have been concentrated to a few people leaving the rest with lesser opportunities to achieve their dreams. As a result, there has been a growing inequality between the wealthy and the rest of the population. The American Dream is a myth because of the inequalities viewed in wealth distribution caused by huge gap in wages, the kind of leadership elected into office, and the structure of the US economy.
The thought of
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