Is The American Dream Real?

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Is the American Dream Real? The “American Dream” is predicated on the assumption that with hard work and determination all Americans can achieve success and prosperity. America is the “land of opportunity” and under this contention, it is assumed that there is equal opportunity amongst all members of society. Thus, according to this ideology, the effort put in by an individual is the most important factor in determining their upward intergenerational mobility. However, I aim to show that the sole efforts of an individual are not enough to explain upward trends in intergenerational mobility. There are a variety of social factors that halt individuals from accessing the rewards of the supposed “American Dream”. In assessing the ease to which individuals can attain intergenerational mobility, it is essential to explain the impact that social stratification, race and education has on intergenerational mobility. It is thought that the “American Dream” can be obtained solely by hard work and determination. However, when we take a closer look at the effects of the underlying factor of social stratification, we can begin to see the difficulty that arises in attempting to make strides towards success and prosperity. Social stratification is the way in which society categorizes individuals into different socioeconomic classes (Manza et al. 2015). America is one of the richest countries in the world, yet there is so much inequality observed amongst its citizens. How can this be? In
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