Is The American Dream Still Possible?

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Does the American Dream Still Exist? The American Dream is a two sided discussion. Some believe the American Dream is easily accessible to anyone. Others believe the American Dream does not exist today. Then there is the gray area of believing the American Dream exists but is harder to achieve for some. The American Dream is also different for every person. People have materialist dreams. Hoping to have nice cars, big houses, and a full wallet. Compared to the Americans who dream of freedom, safety, and family. Immigrants coming to the United States have an image in their mind of what America is going to be. They believe America is full of opportunity and hope, but don’t realize it does not come easy. In the beginning of the story, America and I by Anzia Yezierska, the author believes in the American Dream and places it on a pedestal. Later on in the text the author realizes that it is very hard for her, being an immigrant, to reach this goal. She has to start from the bottom and is not always treated the best. “So, made to feel that I was in the hands of American friends, invited to share with them their home, their plenty, their happiness…” (Anzia…show more content…
The author believes the traditional American Dream is based on hard work and bettering your life. He believes this but then questions himself wondering if the dream is still around. “The American Dream is a bygone thing” (Wallechinsky 27). This quote explains how the American Dream was something of the past. The American Dream is non-existent and has lost meaning. David Wallechinsky interviews people who believe the American Dream is no longer possible. Their opinions are wrong. The American dream is alive and growing today. An American who dreams of freedom, safety and hope for the future has the American Dream. It is not possible for the American Dream to evaporate. Although, I will admit, the American Dream is hard for immigrants to
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