Is The American Education System Working?

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Is The American Education system working?
Student loan debt is responsible for $1.2 Trillion of the US 's national debt. Over the past several years, the youth of this country’s futures have been based off of social status and test scores. A student from the suburbs of a wealthy community is more likely to go on to a prosperous four year college than a colored male or female from the inner city. These are facts that should not be overlooked; by any means. This subject is not black and white or rich and poor but the battle between the state, and federal government against the youth. The US education system, state and federal are not working properly.
For roughly thirty years, international test scores have shown that the United States is falling behind in the education rankings. Many Asian and European countries have much higher test scores. Professionals have argued for years that these rankings are “Threatening the country’s economic growth”(Carnoy). One test in one year compared to all these countries is very inaccurate and should not be taken so literal. Being that the US is so large, each state is in charge of their own education systems. Many different rules and the way exams are graded could be a variable that is being overlooked year after year. Another variable being overlooked is social class(Carnoy). In many countries, only those who come from middle to upper classes may go to school(Carnoy). Along with that, many there are various regulations that are much…

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