Is The Best Job For Us?

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As a kid we all had a dream, one that could have been completely unrealistic, such as becoming an astronaut or following in the steps of our role model. We seek after these jobs because we see successful people on T.V. or people we know that live a happy, lavish life. As adolescence, our minds are fulfilled with the most creative ideas, the highest expectations, and tons of bizarre goals, but the question we need to ask ourselves is how will we accomplish these dreams we place amongst ourselves? Important things we do not think about as kids is what we will major in, or if we are really passionate about the job we believe is the best job for us. Usually we start thinking about what we might want to major in during our junior year of high school when the college searching process begins. Even after we think we know what we are going to major in, we still are not completely confident with our decision. The article I believe will help upcoming Southern Connecticut State University freshmen is Nathan Gebhard’s “Four Steps to Choosing a College Major.” This article would benefit Freshmen by helping them think deeper into what they sincerely want in life. Three key things this article will help incoming freshmen with is choosing their own goals, finding what interests them, and help determine whether a job is right for you. This article provides good advice on choosing your own goals, which will help incoming SCSU college student. In this article, Gebhard explains how you should
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