Is The Best Method For Development Sustainable Development Goals?

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The main question to be addressed in this paper pertains to the notion that the best method for development is to set clear, measurable goals such as the Millennium Development Goals. In particular, I will first discuss the arguments supporting and questioning this assertion from a number of authors. I will then consider the question of whether or not this model should be replicated for the next generation of efforts, which are starting to become known as the Sustainable Development Goals. Overall, I will argue that, while it is true that there are benefits to setting clear, measurable targets in terms of engagement, there are significant costs associated with this model that must be considered, particularly going forward. This paper will proceed in three sections. In the first, I will consider the arguments supporting the use of clear, measurable targets for development.. In the second, conversely, I will consider the arguments questioning the utility of using such targets. In the third section, I will consider the question of how to proceed with the Sustainable Development Goals that have been proposed as the next step.

Arguments Supporting the Use of Clear, Measurable Targets

The use of indicators to measure progress has been lauded as one of the key factors in the success of the Millennium Development Goals, both in terms of the continued relevance of the project almost fifteen years after its inception and in terms of progress towards meeting the
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