Is The Best Method For Development Sustainable Development Goals?

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The main question to be addressed in this paper pertains to the notion that the best method for development is to set clear, measurable goals such as the Millennium Development Goals. In particular, I will first discuss the arguments supporting and questioning this assertion from a number of authors. I will then consider the question of whether or not this model should be replicated for the next generation of efforts, which are starting to become known as the Sustainable Development Goals. Overall, I will argue that, while it is true that there are benefits to setting clear, measurable targets in terms of engagement, there are significant costs associated with this model that must be considered, particularly going forward.
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According to the 2014/2015 Global Monitoring Report released by The World Bank and the IMF, “Estimates for the developing world indicate that the targets for extreme poverty reduction (MDG 1.a), access to safe drinking water (MDG 7.c) and improving the lives of at least 100 million slum dwellers (MDG 7.d) have been reached ahead of the 2015 deadline. The targets on gender equality in primary and secondary education and the incidence of malaria are projected to be met by 2015.”
In their paper entitled “The Millennium Development Goals and Post-2015: Squaring the Circle,” Carin and Bates-Eamer argue that “purely aspirational goals are not enough. … Indicators are critical to measure starting points and what needs to be done. People and organizations respond to the incentive embodied in the indicators that measure their performance.” In addition, the concept of clear, measurable targets was inherent in two out of the three strengths of the MDGs laid out by Jeffrey Sachs: first in his statement that “the MDGs were reasonably easy to state – eight simple goals that fitted well on one poster!” and secondly in his assessment that the MDGs “could be pursued through practical and specific measures adopted by governments, businesses, and civil societies worldwide.” Overall, these authors have all argued that the use of clear, measurable targets has contributed to the success and the longevity of the Millennium Development Goals by providing incentives and
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