Is The Best Policy Right?

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Four years down the line of a never ending world adventure. I’ve seen my future explode like a million stars in the night sky. When everything you’ve ever had flashed before your eyes and disappears, you truly realise what you had. You begin to dwell, begin to fathom is it possible for me to have a future? Or am I stuck in my delinquent phase, living on the road with home being only where I rest my head.
Well you see, I’d be lying if I said I regret this whole ordeal. Because I don’t. Honesty is the best policy right? I was battling a war with myself; I took refuge in the wrong people. But that doesn’t mean it was a mistake. Because you see those people, well they were the only light in my darkness.
I was an alcoholic whom craved the numbness and freedom the beverage provided me. The ability to feel weightless and free. To feel like I was truly living in an otherwise world of gods and monsters. But I’m not afraid of God. No not at all. I’m afraid of man.
People labelled me as a “tease”, the woman whom “slept around.” The glares I got were just stabbing me a little deeper each time. You see you can do a push up with a few little cuts in your arm. But if those cuts transpire into full blown wounds you’ve got yourself a little problem there.
When I first started my life on the road, I honestly had no idea what I was anticipating or what I wanted to achieve. I was only 16, young and in my prime. Flunked my exams and education, but in a generation that degenerates youth of sin…
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