Is The Bible An Unreliable Book Full Of Errors And Contradictions? Essay

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"You can 't trust the Bible. I 's full of all kinds of contradictions and errors". This is a very common charge made against the Bible today. You may have heard this kind of thing from a friend or coworker. Maybe you have even heard this kind of things stated on TV, but is it true? Is the Bible an unreliable book full of errors and contradictions? To answer this question let us look at some of the more commonly cited proofs for this assertion. Some, in an attempt to prove the Bible contains contradictions, will point to the number of horse stalls that Solomon is said to have in 2 Chronicles 9:25 (4,000) and 1 Kings 4:26 (40,000). On the surface this does appear to be a contradiction, but is it really? The 4,000 mentioned in 2 Chronicles is probably speaking of horse stables while the 40,000 mentioned in 1 Kings is speaking of individual stalls. If each stable housed 10 stalls then that would account for the supposed contradiction. Another supposed contraction has to do with John 20:12 which mentions two "angles" and Luke 24:4 which mentions two "men". We are then asked if there were "two men or two angels at the tomb of Jesus?" There is absolutely no contraction here at all. It is important to recognize that one text may simply state what someone saw and another may explain the event. For example in Genesis 18:22 we are told that "two men" went down towards Sodom. In the very next chapter we are told that those two men were angels (Genesis 19:1). This is not a

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