Is The Birthplace Of Any Good Solution Is Compassion?

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Not long ago I walked down a long staircase and into a little room filled with other women of all different ages and ethnicities. As I sat down, one by one the women stood up and told stories of why they were there; each in a different language, helping each other translate. They told stories of abuse and violence, hope for a better future, and of thankfulness for the people who were helping them. It was at this safe house in a tiny country in Asia that I saw some of the faces of human trafficking for the first time. Each of these beautiful women is just as valuable and important as me, yet their circumstances tell them otherwise. My heart broke as I realized how many thousands of women and children around the world potentially had similar stories simply for the sake of first world comforts. I realized how little most of us think about the sourcing of our products, or just as important, who made our products. I believe the birthplace of any good solution is compassion; compassion that looks at another human and says “you are valuable”. As Americans, we are truly blessed to live in the country that leads the free world. We have excellent labor laws that are progressively serving us better, a government that we are able to participate in, and healthcare that is becoming more and more accessible to everyone. As the leader of the free world, the leaders of America must use their voices to advocate for those who are not free. That is why I have chosen my platform, “American
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