Is The Cause Really Worth Fighting For?

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Nicole Kola Ms.Lagesse AP Eng. Annotated Bibliography 09/04/2015 Is the Cause Really Worth Fighting For? Over the centuries, fervent beliefs have caused many wars. Throughout history, differences between social propaganda have separated and formulated prejudiced ideas about different religions. All across the world, there are people, on all ranks of the social hierarchy, who are being deprived of their rights and are not being heard by their local governments, so they bear up arms and create subversive groups that struggle to bring their voices into light. Although their struggles may become violent, which leads to casualties, they are deemed as terrorists or extremists. Eventually they will be looking for supporters or even recruits, old and young, which will leap up to the issue of child recruitments in extremist groups, and the philosophical issue of how nature versus nurture plays an important role during a child 's developmental stage. Recruiting children into extremist groups, such as ISIS or the Age of God, serves as an injustice to society, particularly to the children who often times are very vulnerable and impressionable, making them incapable of recognizing the danger of their situations. Defining a terrorist has been a controversial issue since the bombing of the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. Although terrorism has been around since the the 17th century, they share similarities between the act of extremism. Extremist and terrorist both induce fear into
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