Is The Classic Mayan Civilization?

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According to Joseph A. Tainter in the Annual Review of Anthropology, a collapse is defined as “…a drastic decrease in human population size and/or political/economical/social complexity, over a considerable area, for an extended time.”(AOC) With Mr. Tainter’s definition of collapse, I will be focusing on one specific civilization, what led to their falling as a society and elaborate on some theories as to why collapses may occur. The development that I am going to be discussing is the Classic Mayan civilization. The civilization was located in Mexico around the region of the Yucatan Peninsula and Guatemala. The Growth and collapse of the Classic Mayan started at approximately 250 AD and ended around 830 AD. In 1931, a theory was proposed that the collapse of the Southern Mayan Lowlands was due to the erosion of soil, scarcity of land, encroachment of grasses, climate, etcetera …(AOC) This theory more or less deals with the idea that the Mayan collapsed because of agricultural problems and environmental degradation. When the Classic Mayan civilization started it was able to sustain itself, but when the population started to expand there was simply not enough agriculture to support the amount of people living within the community, “Cultural complexity is limited by environmental potential, especially for agriculture.”(AOC) When the society tried to expand and support the larger population they “over shot there limits of the environment”(AOC) and could not support themselves

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