Is The College Application Process? Essay

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The college application process had to have been one of the most trying periods of my life. I would nod along as my peers complained of stress and procrastination, often punctuating their lament with a shrug or a laugh. “I guess it’s whatever though, we’re all going through the same thing,” I mimicked their nonchalance. Meanwhile, recollections of the paralyzing fear and crippling sense of inadequacy that plagued me played on a loop in my mind. I could not shrug off my worries so easily; it was difficult to prioritize admission when life itself felt impossible. I was equally terrified of acceptance and rejection. Trapped in a lose-lose situation, I resorted to a survival mechanism I had mastered. I effectively reset all of my settings to default: I removed all expectation, meaning, and passion from my actions, knowing that this was the only way I would accomplish what was expected of me. I was stumbling in the dark towards a future I actively refused to think about; blindly completing the tasks at hand with no clear idea as to why. In this manner I managed to fill out all of the necessary forms, to reduce my life up to that point to a handful of letters and numbers. After numerous passings-over to curb my paranoia of rejection due to an error in data entry, I had run out of reasons to put off the personal statement. It was on a bed strewn with tangled blankets, papers, and snack wrappers that I began to ponder who I was and how to best market my essence to
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