Is The Constant Struggle Of Life?

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Opportunities are seen as bland since they now just come and go. As people, one often is always waiting for the right moment to make those opportunities theirs and do not realize that while they wait, the opportunities go to someone who will not hesitate to take them. There is always that mentality that there will be other chances and that some will even be better, but one is always going to be haunted with the thought of what could have been of them if they only stopped waiting and got a hold of the opportunities. That conflict between a person and themselves will always linger just because they were too slow and let the chance that would determine their future just slip out of their fingertips. Some even say that if they didn’t get a hold of that life changing chance then it means it wasn’t theirs to begin with or that it would just bring sorrow to them. People repeat these words to themselves, but there is always going to be that question, what if? Thinking about the constant struggle one faces for not standing up to their opportunities, I have realized, I don’ want to be that person that stays up all night thinking where I would be if I had only taken the risk. The path is never going to be easy, but the reward would be mesmerizing. Being in Honors English 1 has been an opportunity that not even my hard work can redeem my debt. I belong here because I will never let my own actions take this chance away from me, I will battle against everything and everyone to make this

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