Is The Death Penalty Is Morally Justified?

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Is the Death Penalty The death penalty is morally justified in certain circumstances. It depends when are we using it, and whom are we punishing. Most of us believe that taking a human life is an immoral thing to do, but in certain situations it can be morally justified for potential good outcomes. According to Pojman, “… the moral justification of punishment is not vengeance, but desert” (161). Whoever intentionally takes or damages a human life should lose the right to live. We as people that value human life should not be rewarding those individuals that had the freedom to make good decisions, and still decided to take the life an innocent human being. If the victim did not have the opportunity to continuing having a life, why should we grant a criminal to do so? They do not deserve such privilege anymore. Murderers, terrorists, and rapists should get the death penalty as punishment because they committed such an immoral act. A murderer, and a terrorist could take many innocent lives, and this is something that our society should not tolerate. We often think about the victim itself, and disregard that the victim can be a child, a sibling, a parent, a grandparent, who knows what else. A rapist changes the victim’s life permanently. Many victims find it very difficult to go back to the life that they had before this incident. There are so many resources out there to help those victims because it is something victims cannot deal with by themselves. The victims’ family members should feel that justice has been done. This is when the “eye for an eye” comes to play. The “eye for an eye” is based on how the punishment should equal the crime. For example, if a murderer kills an individual’s entire family, the individual should kill the murderer’s entire family. This is what the “eye for an eye” actually refers to. The only problem with this is that many innocent people would die, and we do not want that. Therefore, our members of our society should feel that they do not have to intervene because the legal system would take care of the situation. We value human life, but only to a certain extent. We all make mistakes at some point in our lives, but intentionally killing or raping another individual is an
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