Is The Death Penalty Really Necessary?

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Kyle Kieffer
Mrs. Cardell
American Lit
06 Mar. 2017
Is the Death Penalty really necessary? Since the very beginning of the growth of the thirteen colonies, to the end product being the United States of America, 15,760 citizens have been executed. Throughout the time span, their methods of executions have gotten more sophisticated, for the good and unfortunately, the bad. The first methods of executions include, but are not limited to: burning on the stake, hangings, or being shot down by a firing squad. The more sophisticated methods include; death by gas in a chamber, electrocution by the electric chair, lethal injections and other methods. All these methods do what they are designed to do, but some have a unreasonably high botch rates,
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The most executions have been done to the worst of murder cases, and/ or treason.“Since 1800, the number of nations that have abolished the death penalty has grown. Today, most nations that retain the death penalty reserve its use for the most heinous crimes such as murder, treason, or espionage” (Issit).This seems reasonable if the crime is severe and the safety of others are still in question. The treason part doesn 't seem like it should be included in the list, unless it was spilling government and/ or military secrets that results in a large number of fatalities of service members, or raising the tension in an unstable alliance between major powers that could result in a major catastrophe, such as war.
The highest number of executions ever in the history in the United states was in 1935 with 197, and coming in second was the falling year 1936 only trailing by one execution less, with 196. Only 80 years, and two supreme court rulings later, the percent drop from year to year reached its lowest in 2016 with only 20 executions across the country.”This year, Georgia, with nine, and Texas, with seven, accounted for the bulk of executions, while Alabama carried out two, and Missouri and Florida had one each” (Perez-Pena). The public opinion has played a big part on the total amount of executions, and under what circumstance should they be omitted.
The popularity of the death penalty has dramatically decreased since the supreme court
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