Is The Electoral College Obsolete?

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Joshua Furman
English 123-4
Professor Bunch
Is the Electoral College Obsolete? In the Albert Gorse versus George Bush election of 2000, Albert Gorse won the popular vote by 547,398 votes. However, George Bush won the election because of the Electoral College process. Normally, the winner of the popular vote wins the office or election. However, during this election it was not the case. Albert Gore did not win by a landslide; nevertheless, he still won the popular vote (Deatrick, 2012). While the typical American citizen may say that this one case is insignificant compared to the other elections, the significance recides in the mind of the person who was running for President and for the American citizens who voted for their candidate. Not only has it happened once, but has occurred four different times during American history. An American’s right to vote is their most basic and important right because our country is founded on a democratic republican system, in which their vote must have precedence. Therefore, the Electoral College is obsolete and no longer performing the job it was intended to do.
Politicians may argue that the Electoral College is good for our country, however, American citizens need fair representation. Whether you believe it or not, the Electoral College does not always provide fair representation. Many educated persons do not know that the winner of the popular vote are not always awarded presidency. This has occurred not once, but four…

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