Is The Electoral College System Ever Since The World?

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There are many different kinds of voting systems used throughout the world. The U.S. has used the electoral college system ever since the Constitution was written and ratified. The question is, is it time to change our government and the way it is set up because the world has changed so much? Although the Constitution was written in a totally different time period and the world has evolved significantly in this time, the Constitution has made it to this day. Our government is not perfect but it has been functioning well ever since we adopted the Constitution. Our nation has been a national superpower and overall, been seen as a strong nation which means that our government system has served us well so far. Nevertheless, there are…show more content…
Majoritarian government is a good idea in theory but this system would not last. When you think about a government ruled by majority, you tend to think that it would be a good thing because it is simpler than the electoral college and it would be what the majority of America wanted. However, you have to think about the downsides of this idea. It would not create a lot of stability in our government. It is no secret that we elect our president and the idea is that the majority of America favor that presidential candidate. Still, you see all the time that people are not happy or satisfied when their preferred candidate is not elected. I believe that majoritarianism would make this problem worse. It would allow for minorities to be excluded easily because if they did not have the majority support then they would never be able to win representation in government. Quickly, the government would end up being overtaken by a specific party. A big danger would be a political party becoming too powerful if they continue to control representation in election after election. The reigning majority could end up just becoming like a monarchy if they stay in power long enough. A proportional representation system would allow the minority groups even more of a say than they currently do.
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