Is The Emotional Response The Reader?

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Poetry, like any form of art will be judged and critiqued in order to recognize if the poem being read is something that has been well written or something just thrown together without much thought. The main argument that will be used in favor of a well written poem will be the emotional response the reader gets. This is a totally acceptable reason for liking a poem and one that I find important, but it is a reasoning that is hard to quantify or even explain except for the person who has experienced it. Even if this is their only way to explain their reasoning behind it, after their initial judgement most people will be able to tell the difference between a good poem and a bad one. The majority of people judging poetry do not take the time…show more content…
One of the most important qualities that will distinguish a good poem is its originality. If you have heard it said before it does not need repeating, and doing so does not add anything of substance to the art. But can anything being written today even be considered original? Chances are the thing you are thinking or reading about has been said and done thousands of times by thousands of different people. Art is built on the accomplishments of those that came before the current artist. The important idea behind this originality is bringing something a little different and adding on to this original idea. No one is going to judge a poem because it follows one of the common formats of poetry such as a sonnet or haiku. Where the originality comes through will be in the words chosen to fill that format and the way the idea is expressed. Every poet comes from a unique background where only they have those experiences and this will come through in their writing if what they are doing is truly original. An original poem will take something that has been done before and bring a whole new aspect to it. A great example of an artist’s originality will spring from the images they are able to create with their words. Good poetry has the ability to create a life like image that you can easily place yourself in and even feel. The images in these poems are not just limited to the physical things,
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