Is The Evil Empire `` Speech Propaganda?

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Cameron Schwartz
Final Paper
Is the “Evil Empire” Speech Propaganda There are many different definitions of propaganda that people use. Propaganda is politicians deceiving the public into what the politicians want them to know or believe (Altschull). This definition is used to show how politicians can use propaganda. There are many ways to use propaganda. They are used to convince people to buy a certain product, to convince people to not buy a certain product, to convince a certain group of people to vote for a public office official, to convince a certain group of people not to vote for a public office official. All these examples show that people are trying to influence others into thinking what they believe. Another definition of propaganda is the term for social influence from a superior party (Smith). People will only use propaganda when that person needs support. They might need votes for an election or people to buy their products. They might just need to be known. There are many reasons for using propaganda. Some are similar and some are different; whenever it is used, it is used to persuade someone about an idea or belief. Propaganda has many methods. One of the methods, stereotyping, is giving a person or an idea/belief a bad reputation by using an easy to remember pejorative name (propaganda). Another method of propaganda, fear, is when a person says if you don’t do this something bad will happen (propaganda). Both of these methods are…
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