Is The Government Worthy

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The government is the system by which a state or community is controlled. A survey online titled “is the government trustworthy” showed that 91 percent of people said ‘no the government is not worthy’ as for the other 9% said ‘no the government is not trustworthy’. The government is shaping the United States member to look at themselves inadequate as if they aren't wealthy, as for the less fortunate are seen as someone you shouldn't be friends with. The government is always changing their systems to make the United States a better place for the members. The government has been around since 1200 A.D. and yet the government still hasn’t found a concrete way to keep the United States in one stable way. The government is full of liars and they are masters of deception.

There have been so many international lies said to us by the government. Take president George H. W. Bush in his presidential speech from 1988 he stated “Read my lips: no new taxes”, the most prominent quote said in his speech but unfortunately when Bush was
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They’re not all to blame. If anyone has taken a serious look at our government, have they been 100% percent honest with us? Anyone who believes the government is telling the truth is either gullible or in denial. Taking a Muslim’s point of view, how would anyone feel when they go fully covered, not as an extremists but more of a person who truly respects their religion, goes out wearing their hijab and being called a “terrorists, satanic, bomber, hijacker, radical, and assassin” just for doing something they truly believe in, which is being a true follower of their religion.

Even though the government can sometimes be idiotic, without them we wouldn’t be as powerful as we are right now, we wouldn’t have our strong allies. Neither would the United States be well known. The United States makes the most donations out of any
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