Is The Heart Of Islam?

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What, in your opinion, is the heart of Islam? The heart of Islam is The One True God. The concept of one God is the basis on which the entire religion of Islam revolves around. This concept is the foundation upon with the religion of Islam is built. In fact, the actual definition of Islam means submission; submission to their one true God. Islam followers are called Muslim and the definition of Muslim means one who surrenders or submits to the will of God. Based on these definitions alone, it is apparent that the heart of Islam is the One True God, also known by his Arabic name, Allah (Voorst, 2015). To better understand the heart of Islam, one must know the history of Islam. Islam really begins with Muhammad who is the prophet of the One True God. According to Islamic belief, Muhammad received many prophecies and revelations from the archangel Gabriel. All of these prophecies and revelations were collected and documented by his followers from 64-656 C.E. Together all the prophecies and revelations make up Islam’s sacred scripture, the Qur’an. Muhammad began spreading these revelations in the city of Mecca, but since Mecca was a city of idolism, his revelations were not well received. Mecca was a city that depended on the Idol worship as a form of tourism and the people of Mecca feared that being destroyed. Muhammad was threatened and persecuted for attempting to spread the word of Islam. At one point there was even an assassination order put out for him. Eventually,
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