Is The Human Condition?

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The human condition is a philosophy that is determined to understand what it means to be human and why humans are the way they are. So many elements of the human condition describe us as being inherently evil. However, the true question is, are we inherently evil or do we just choose to make evil choices as an instinct to save ourselves? In Sword Art Online (SAO), 10,000 players enter into a virtual massively multiplayer online (MMO) game world in which they are connected by a product known as the “Nervegear” that allows the user to apply the five senses in all aspects of the game. However, an error occurs in which players find that once they log into the game, they can no longer log out of the digital universe. After a message from the game’s developer, players of SAO find that it was no error at all, but a purposeful action to ensue chaos within the walls of the virtual world. Players cannot leave the world until all 100 floors – filled with strong and menacing monsters and bosses – are completed. However, if a player were to die in the game or have the headgear forcefully removed from them, it would send electromagnetic waves to the brain that would fry and destroy it, killing that person instantly. With the premise in mind, we can conclude the sole purpose behind the human condition by comparing SAO to four themes of the human condition: the human predicament, the dark side of human nature, human capacity for good and evil, and the root of human conflict. The human

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