Is The Human Condition?

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I found that this picture is a good representation to describe the Human Condition because it shows many things related to anthropology, sociology, and psychology. This image shows a boy by himself while 3 other kids are making fun of him. Bullying is a major topic that relates to the Human Condition. This issue affects peoples minds, behaviour, attitude, and emotions in a harsh, negative way. Almost everyone in the world go through some sort of bullying whether it cyber, physical, social or verbal. In this picture, the small boy is the victim meanwhile the 3 other kids are the bullies.

How does the image relate to anthropology? Humans are adapted to our urbanized world and follow everything in a modernized path where we use technology for many things. People bully because they are influenced by their parents or seen someone do it. Bullying is not only an issue in our country but it is widely spread where it has begun years ago. It began once humans adapted to newer environments, and where we worked in packs more efficiently than other hominids allowing humans to take on new ideas and grow large. As our world got more developed, human minds adapted to the new society and soon introduced bullying in schools.

How does this image relate to psychology? The young boy in the picture is first of all being avoided by a group of friends. The boy may or may not be the new kid but these 3 bullies are talking about him and making fun of him. This relates to psychology and the…
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