Is The Jim Crow Laws?

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The topic that I chose for my research paper is the Jim Crow laws. I chose this topic because during this time period the Jim Crow laws were a huge obstacle that our country had to overcome in order to grow. The Jim Crow laws were created to separate whites and blacks in their everyday lives, allowing for no interaction between races. The Jim Crow Laws were enforced in the southern, United States. The laws existed between 1877 and the 1950’s, around the time the reconstruction period was ending and the civil rights movement was beginning. Once the war was over many events took place leading up to the implementation of the Jim Crow laws. After slavery was abolished southerners took advantage of the wording of the thirteenth amendment by creating laws called the black codes that restricted African Americans and forced them to work as slaves again. The black codes worked for while up until the 14th amendment was passed. The 14th amendment stated that each citizen is entitled to equal protection under the law and that laws cannot be created to specifically target a group of people. So this got rid of the black codes in the south. The people of the south couldn’t get away with secretly having the black codes because majority of the United States army was in the south and so the 14th amendment was enforced. However, soon after the military was moved up towards the north the south created Jim Crow laws to keep black separate from whites. Jim Crow laws were created to keep African

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