Is The Just A Fantasy?

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Imagine having saved enough money that you don’t need to work; you can live on just the interest your investments return each year. If you’re smart, you’ll live on just the interest, such that you could live this way indefinitely without drawing down your principal. This is financial independence. It’s something that most of us daydream about. Some of us hope to achieve it in our 60s. Now imagine achieving financial independence (FI) decades earlier: At 50, 40, or even in your thirties. Blogs and forums like Mr. Money Mustache, the teachings of one such 30-something retiree, provide inspiration and roadmaps for those working towards early financial independence. But how realistic is EFI? If you scrimp and save, could you actually quit your job in your 30s and expect to be financially secure for the rest of your life? Is EFI just a fantasy? In my profession -- financial publishing -- there is at least one universal truth: If I write about becoming a millionaire, starting an online business or retiring early, passionate readers will come in droves. If I write about 401(k)s and being financially responsible (yawn), I’m lucky to get a few people Googling the subject, who leave as soon as they get their answer. I fight this trend by publishing a bit of everything, because my goal is to provide all of the tools someone needs to become financially successful, not just escapist essays on the dream of quitting work at 35 and retreating to a white sand beach. Yes, some people
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