Is The Lack Of Non Renewable Resources A Threat?

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Is the lack of non-renewable resources a threat to global security? The sufficient and unhindered access to cheap energy resources is a security concern for governments. Non-renewable energy sources such as fossil fuels often guide a nation’s economic wealth and military strength. The access, production, and delivery of this strategic resource drive a government’s policy development and often contains influences that may cause internal conflicts and strain relationships with other external entities. Tensions arise when economic concerns, the relaxation of environmental restraints, foreign policy, or the threat of use of force to protect its vital interests is presented. Although there is always the possibility that a global crisis…show more content…
This concept was guided by a multitude of elements encompassing personal beliefs, ethnic preferences, neo-patrimonial relationships, and self-identity. For some of the African regimes, security meant protecting the resources and interests from other African states that may try to encroach upon them. These states did not perceive foreign powers as the immediate aggressor; rather it was the threat next door that they had to keep a watch on. Protection of the regime was above the importance given to the norms that protect the populace and promote effective governance. These regimes would align themselves politically with other governments to protect their sovereignty and “share” their resources or allow other private businesses the opportunities to buy rights for exploration to secure economic growth. Investment in the African continent has thrived recently and it is believed that China is now Africa’s largest trading partner. However, these investment by the Chinese government comes with certain stipulations. For one, some loan packages offered to African states in exchange for access to certain resources could only be utilized if and when Chinese companies are able to perform the work. This practice not only hinders the progress but effectively gives control to the Chinese government for the infrastructure in Africa and highlights
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