Is The Majority, Hurts The Minority?

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Hope Young ENGL 3200 Sister Marie 6 April 2016 Defund the majority, hurts the minority A teenager has just received the news of her pregnancy. She is not prepared and did not expect to get pregnant, especially at such a young age. Her mind begins racing of her parents’ disappointment, the judgmental remarks and looks she will receive, and if she is mentally and financially ready to take care of baby. She has many options that she can choose from, such as to keep the baby, adoption, and lastly to abort the baby. Many women face having unwanted pregnancies every year and have to face tough choices like the young girl above. What would you do? When facing an unwanted pregnancy Many go to their doctors or loved ones for help. The majority of those who do not want to keep their baby turn to Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood has gained a bad reputation because they perform abortion services. Individuals who are against abortion are strongly against planned parenthood and often protest outside local clinics. Although planned parenthood is known for their abortion service, they offer many other services that are important to society’s needs such as STD/ STI testing and contraception. In my paper I will be talking about how Planned Parenthood is helpful to individuals, political views on abortion, and the effects of defunding Planned Parenthood. Title X is part of the United States Public Health Service Act (Naral, n.d.). Title X is part of Federal program that is devoted
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