Is The Mind Body Problem?

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Philosophy is a complex field that tries to better understand the world we live in. There have been a multitude of amazing philosophers that have helped shaped the world around us, all of which have had their own single beliefs. One of their main issues faced in philosophy is the mind-body problem, and philosophers are still trying to solve this predicament to this day. The mind-brain problem is trying better to understand whether a person’s mental processes are the same as their physical processes. As of today, philosophy has broken the problem into two fundamental parts that has been split down into separate subparts. Personally, I find it easier to believe in substance dualism, because of how I perceive the idea. This however, is my own…show more content…
The secondary form of the mind-brain conflict is the concept of dualism. Dualism is the idea that instead of one substance, there are two different substances. This concept tells individuals that there is spiritual dimension to a person’s mind. This causes the consciousness in the mind, and a possible enduring attribute. Dualism also believes that a person has a physical body and mind that work as one substance. While the non-physical aspects count as the second substance (Philosophy 1). So to put it in simplest terms dualist deny that the brain and mind are the exact same thing (Caleff 1). The first subpart is a form of dualism and is known as Elemental Property Dualism. Elemental Dualist believe that the mental substance can interact with a person’s brain. However they deny the idea that mental processes are the identical to the physical processes of the brain. In cases there have been two problems that evolve with believing Elemental Property Dualism. The first being that if a mental property is fundamental, why are all the other fundamental properties opposed. The second issue is that Elemental Dualism offers no sign of justification, for figuring the presence of a fundamental property to clarify cognitive function (C.B.). This next property is also a form of dualism and is known as Interactionist. Interactionist is the concept that unique properties in the mind can collaborate with the brain. They also believe that the consciousness of a person’s mind is a
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