Is The Most Important Abilities Human Beings Possess?

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We start learning from the very first day we are born and we continue throughout most of our life. First, it involves simple tasks as walking, talking and reading but later in our life; it focuses on acquiring information either in school, work or everyday life. We would not be able to function in our society if we were not able to learn something and then retrieve the information we have already learned previously. This is why memory is one of the most important abilities human beings possess. Being able to remember so many things in life makes it easy for us to know our names, where we live and how old we are. It also allows us to be intelligent and be successful in many disciplines. Being able to use the information that we have learned throughout the years of school and work proves that our species are smarter than any other animal.
There are many studies focusing on the memory and we can see new data emerging almost every day. Scientists are focusing on different aspects of human being’s life in order to find the one that can improve memory. One of them is nutrition. It seems that certain diet has influence on memory (Meeusen, 2014). In this paper, I will discuss the data that suggests that right nutrition has a positive effect on our memory.
First years of life can be crucial in development of a child and later of an adult. The environment someone is exposed to can have a big impact on the individual. There is evidence that the nutrition can influence our system…
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