Is The Most Socially Consequential Family Trend Of Our Generation?

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Problem Statement

In the United States it is becoming more and more likely for children to grow up without their fathers. Father absence is a crucial social issue and can be linked to dozens of our most pressing social dilemmas. David Blankenhorn of the American Experiment said “this trend of fatherlessness is the most socially consequential family trend of our generation” (Blankenhorn). Father absence in the American home has a serious and negative effect on the well-being of our society.

Literature Review/Discussion
Among the issues affected by father absence are poverty rates, suicide rates, low educational achievement, violent crime and others. The National Center for Fathering reports statistics supporting correlations between fatherlessness and the listed social issues.
They assert that in 2011 12% of American children living with married parents were poor while 44% of children living in single parent homes experienced poverty (Center for Fathering). It is over 3 times as likely for a child in a single parent home to experience poverty than for a child with married parents.
As of 2003 children in single parent homes were twice as likely to commit suicide than children in married parent homes. Other emotional health issues were also reported to be more likely for fatherless children than for adolescents living with both parents. (Center for Fathering).
Fatherless children have lower GPAs and test scores and grow up to achieve less academically and…

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