Is The Movie Fail Safe?

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In the 1960’s, computer technology was starting to overcome much of modern life and this new technology has increased concern about whether humans had command over the use of nuclear weapons or can control nuclear weapons. With respect to this statement the research question for this article is the movie Fail Safe more fact than fiction? How plausible is accidental nuclear war? The movie Fail Safe describes these fears by displaying technology doomsday situation where an error by a computer causes a nuclear bomber group to be deployed against Moscow. Along with describing issues with respect to technology, and its limitations, Fail-Safe depicts several political aspects of the cold war, the strict training of the military, the politics supporting a first strike and the inferiority beliefs and an over inflated sense of patriotism. Toward the beginning of the movie Fail Safe Congressman Raskob raises his fears over the power of machines and gets the response that “machines are developed to help the humans in different situations.” The generals in the movie are of the view that they have checks and counter checks over the weapons or machinery. The central political issues that lead to all others in Fail Safe is Raskob’s response who is checking or counter checking the machinery (Washington; The Nuclear Quandary, 1983). If any human being or person is not checking the machinery there was no way to prevent the machine from creating the situation that leads to the doomsday

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