Is The Murder Immoral?

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Sandoval, Ashley
21 October 2015
Is murder immoral?
First, morality is what is good or right to do in society. Religion or God may help a person decide what is moral but religion is not necessary for people to be moral. If God exist is murder immoral; this question I am going discuss my beliefs and other facts. Religion morals and society morals can seem alike because of the cultural changes but they do not reflect the same ethics. In some countries this will be more evident what the morals are than others. Philosopher Kant thought that morals of the people was a combination of laws, rights, and duties of the people. What makes people moral, is a religion a factor. Kant believe that moral judgment and a disagreement would require a thorough evaluation of the conflicts we find ourselves in. Can a solution be made on moral disagreements? The problem is a persons actions may be morally right in one society but be morally wrong in another.
If you could prove that God existed, would that make murder immoral? Murder is immoral in society, people cannot take the life of another with out consequences. Society also maintains that a person is not guilty of murder until after a trial. In Religion it is a sin to kill a person just for the sake to kill them. On the other hand in religion killing can be justified; say that someone that has done wrong committed a crime or sin for example a rapist; would murder be reasonable punishment and would this is not be considered a sin. In…

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