Is The National Football League?

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In the year 2013, during the National Football League’s preseason and regular-season practices and games there were a combined total of 228 diagnosed concussions (NFL Concussions Fast Facts). Any NFL team in a given season plays 16 brutal games, taking vicious hits at practically every snap of the ball, which does not include the four to six days of vigorous practicing that they have every week. In many cases concussions in the NFL cause serious long-term health issues as well as death, via concussions, which is why all precautions such as; well trained medical personnel at each event, no helmet to helmet tackling, and even mandatory neuropsychological tests to all current players, for concussions, in order to help prevent them. The National Football League is a very challenging, strenuous, and one of the most physical sports in the world. In the season of 2010 alone there were 416 players on Injury Reserve, a huge chunk out the average 1,700 players during that season. Even with all of the advanced equipment that has evolved over the years, such as the helmet which has emerged from the old leather cap (with very little to no protection) to the modern day full faced, chin strapped, sturdy, yet cushioned and comfortable helmets that are available today. Now that everyone is becoming more aware of how football is so dangerously prone to injuries, especially brain injuries, you would think the teams and Safety Equipment Managers would make certain that players had a choice of
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