Is The Ncaa A Money Hungry Organization?

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March Madness collegiate basketball tournament, hosted by the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) tournament, generated “7.5 billion dollars in revenue over the past decade,” through advertising alone (Chupka, 2016). Currently, this year 's 2016 March Madness tournament is projected to make over “1 billion dollars” (Chupka, 2016). The NCAA is counting the cash, lots of it,” stated financial analyst Kevin Chupka. Does this solicit the view that the NCAA is a money-hungry organization? Through extensive research as a group, we will be collectively addressing the intrinsically paternalistic view that the NCAA has portrayed to all athletes and spectators alike. We will be focusing on the origin of the organization, motivation for implementation, specific divisional separation, financial asset allocation analysis, and the social stratification of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Many people know the NCAA in its current state, but do people know about the NCAA before intercollegiate sports were so popular? When the NCAA was first created, it wasn’t even called the NCAA. Originally, the NCAA was known as the Intercollegiate Athletic Association (IAA) and was started in 1906 (Smith, 2000). The biggest concern came from college football in 1905 where there were over 18 deaths and 100 major injuries (Smith, 2000). Their main goal was to create rules and regulations to help ensure the safety of student athletes (Smith, 2000). Although an issue not exactly

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