Is The Percentage Of Water In 1.5 Grams Of Copper Sulfate Hydrate

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In the experiment, we calculated the percentage of water in 1.5 grams of copper (II) sulfate hydrate by heating it over a Bunsen burner, causing the compound to dehydrate. We then could compare the mass of the hydrate before and after the experiment to determine how much water had been vaporized. Originally, the hydrate inside of the crucible had a total mass of 9.60 grams, but after being heated, the total mass dropped to 9.04 grams. With the crucible alone weighing 8.10 grams, that means that 0.56 grams or 37.33% of water that previously composed the hydrate had completely evaporated from the compound. When compared to the theoretical value, we had a 2.6% error in our experiment. Any errors that occurred maybe due to a too low intensity
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