Is The Principal Over All Things And Is?

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is the principal over all things and is in control of all things. God is our strength, or “an unmovable rock.” The word “rock,” comes from the root word that means “lofty.” Lofty means that God is anchored deep and rises above everything. He is unmovable, always stable, and unbeatable. The third reason that reveals why a worshipper should trust God is…
C.) In Him we find our Banner David calls the Lord a “shield,” or a buckler. There are times when trouble comes trouble comes and we desire the Lord to come to our rescue and act as a shield to stand between danger. I remember one day when it was raining badly and my daughters and I were driving. Suddenly I hit a water patch and the car spun out of control on the busy Highway. Once the car stopped spinning, it landed in the lane going the other direction of traffic. Fortunately, neither of us was harmed or injured. This is an example of buckler or shield. God shielded my daughters and I from all harm and danger that day. David refers to the Lord as a “horn of salvation.” The horn is the symbol of strength and conquest. David believes that the Lord is his strength and salvation. He also believes that the Lord is a “stronghold,” which is translated as “High Tower.” This refers to the great towers that were built around the ancient cities that were stocked with ammunition and supplies. When the soldiers ran to the high tower, they were above the battle; they were in a place of protection, and ready supply. It is no wonder
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