Is The Real Cause Of Climate Change?

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A controversy is brewing as to what is the real cause of climate change. A section of the population believes the problem is largely man made whereas others think it is a problem to do with natural causes. There is a wide range of views on this topic, but what causes a lot of concern is the fact that the recent years have experienced an accelerated climate change. It is for that reason that some scientists argue that what is being experienced is as a result of human activity. That is especially true considering that there has been no scientific body that has refuted those claims. Most climate change peer reviewed papers hold on to the claim that man has had a huge role to play in the changes going on in the environment; but while, at it, those in the businesses that are greatly blamed for the overproduction of greenhouse gases and other dangerous chemicals released into the atmosphere refute these claims. It is no secret that the world vegetation has been reduced at a record-breaking rate in the last century. Deforestation is one human activity that has seen the reduction of rainfall that has led to longer dry spells than it was experienced in the past (Nobre, Sellers & Shukla, 1991). These authors believe that for the climate to be at equilibrium, there are several factors that interact and ensure all dynamical processes taking place in the environment flow smoothly. But the moment human beings get into this picture, disrupt this equilibrium then it is no doubt that
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