Is The Robbery Occurred? Essay

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In the beginning of October, reality star Kim Kardashian was held hostage in her Paris hotel room and robbed of most of her jewelry and valuables. Prior to the horrible incident, she posted many different things on social media that the robbers probably used to their advantage. On Snapchat, she flashed her multi-million dollar jewelry on the camera, exposed to millions of her followers. Right before the robbery happened, viewers were aware that she was alone in her hotel room when she posted a video of her congratulating her younger brother through iPhone Facetime. According to CNN, the police has suggested that Kardashian’s prolific social posting about her life and wealth may have attracted the robbers in the multi-million dollar heist. Even though there are many other possibilities as to why the robbery occurred, it is still a valid example of why you should be more reserved on what you post on your social media platforms. Since the popularity of having multiple social media accounts has increased, it is crucial that we are more aware of what we post on social media. Since people are widely using social networks to display a lot of their personal information and give access to potential bullies, future jobs/colleges, or even potential criminals, precautions and social awareness as well as media moderation should be constructed so we can take away the harmful stigmas surrounding its use.
Social media usage can lead to harassment and bullying. When you join a social media
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