Is The Syrian Refugee Crisis?

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The issue I have chosen to write about is the Syrian refugee crisis. I believe this is a pertinent topic of discussion because it is an ongoing issue that is quintessential of conflicts witnessed previously, and unfortunately is likely to be representative of many conflicts to come. This is a morally loaded situation because evaluating what actions are warranted, and even required, is the subject of moral judgements by both nations and individuals. In this essay I shall first offer a descriptive exposition of the apathetic attitude that exists towards aiding refugees, as well as the justifications for such an attitude. I shall examine how this positions can be better understood using moral foundation theory, and how it can be explained by psychological processes such as psycophysical numbing, social identity theory, system one processing and the identifiable victim effect.

Before examining attitudes to the Syrian crisis we must first ascertain the overriding characteristics of the situation. The first notable aspect is the scale. Judging by sheer number of refugees, and those in need of aid, the situation in Syria is the largest humanitarian crisis since World War II. The European commission of humanitarian aid estimates that there are 13.5 million people in Syria who require immediate aid, 6.5 million people who are displaced from their homes and over 4 million refugees who are registered or pending registration in other countries (ref). The Syrian crisis is also a
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