Is The Target Behavior That I?

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The target behavior that I will continue to improve on and change is my natural tendency to procrastinate. When I was younger, I was a terrible procrastinator and I would do everything at the last minute. For instance, I remember sitting in French Class, hurriedly doing my English homework that was due the next period. According to Steel (2007), I may have been displaying sensation seeking, since I found it somewhat exciting. Anyhow, at that time in my life, I was aware of my behavior, and I knew I was procrastinating. It was due to my immaturity that I felt it was perfectly acceptable since I had excellent grades and I excelled in all of my classes and several of my classes were difficult classes. At that moment I did not have the foresight to notice that negative consequences would soon follow due to procrastination. In fact, it was not until I was in my early twenties that I discovered procrastinating had dire effects, and these effects can snowball until the ultimate outcome is that you discovered that you have failed a class or two. Anyhow, after failing several classes, I realized that procrastinating created several negative outcomes that I desperately would want to avoid in order to be successful in the future. In addition and according to Steel (2007) procrastination has a strong genetic component, and I took comfort in the fact that my mother had the same problem when she was young and was able to successfully rectify her course in life. Therefore, I knew I was
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