Is The Third World War Going?

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Is he world really going to end? Is the third world war going to happen? These are the questions going through people minds nowadays. Terrorist attacks one after another and killing of innocent people has slowly convinced us that something really bad in a form of war is going to happen sooner than we think. They are targeting, attacking and killing civilians all over the world. They are also threatening to do more and more. Their main target is to grow fear in us and also drag countries in a war and so far they are getting success at some extent.

On the other hand, most of the powerful and developed countries are trying their best to kill the terrorists by targeting and bombarding with airstrikes at the place where terrorists live. In the process, hundred and thousands of innocent people living over there are also loosing their life. Can we call these countries, "terrorist nations" too?
Both the terrorist groups and these nations are the form of terrorism because both of them are killing innocent people, showing their dominance, hate for each other and, want people and each other to know how powerful and destructive either can be. Looking at their activities, there is no doubt that both the terrorist groups and powerful nations are doing the same thing and us people are the victims of their rivalry. We are paying the price by losing our family members and our loved ones.
We, people, are also responsible for the war in the making. This may sound unreal, but it is the
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